Finding The Perfect Boho or Beach Bridesmaids Dress

Finding The Perfect Boho or Beach Bridesmaids Dress

November 30, 2016

There is nothing more beautifully boho than a stunning beach wedding. The atmosphere, the scenery and the true romantic nature of the day are all things that really make us smile.

That said, planning for a beach wedding isn’t always easy. Especially when it comes to picking bridesmaids dresses.

You will need to think about the weather, their comfort and of course, making sure that they fit in with the overall theme that you have planned in for your big day.

So, to help you find the ideal beach bridesmaid dresses, we have put together our top tips for making sure that they look and feel great.

Opt for a shorter style

Knee length dresses are the perfect length for a beach bridesmaid. This is because they won’t drag on the sand, or get wet if they wander too near to the sea. They also won’t feel too formal or leave the bridesmaid feeling uncomfortable.

Keep it light

When it comes to fabric, chiffon is definitely the way to go. Perfect for beach weddings. Chiffon is soft and structured without being too clingy. It comes in a real variety of colours and best of all, if the wind catches it just right it will look beautiful in the breeze. Chiffon is also really easy to brush sand off of (an important thing to think about when choosing a beach bridesmaid dress) and will make sure that all your ladies feel nice and cool.

Go for simple

A beach wedding is often an informal approach to your big day. They very often have a beautifully boho feel, which can be ruined by picking too formal a bridesmaid dress. This doesn’t mean that you cannot have some type of extra embellishment, but you should try to keep it as simple as possible.

Mix it up

Too many brides are concerned about having their bridesmaids in entirely matching outfits. If you are shirking tradition and getting hitched on a beach, why not throw caution to the wind completely?

Choose bridesmaid dresses that are different prints or shades. This will give a beautiful rainbow effect. You could go for a similar colour (such as blue) and then opt for different shades. Or you could be crazy and have an assortment of colours.

If different colours doesn’t suit your theme, then you could always buy your bridesmaids all the same colour, but instead go for different styles or shapes. Taking into account the body shape of each.

Essentially, choosing a boho beach wedding is the perfect time to have some fun and really express yourself. As long as your bridesmaids are comfortable and are on board with all your ideas, you are sure to have ladies who love what they are wearing and look beautiful too!